At Townsville Funerals, we remove the stress of planning for a funeral by providing everything you will need to give your loved one the goodbye they deserve. 



Even if the death was expected, arranging a funeral can stir up a whole wrath of emotions which may make the planning of a send-off all the more difficult. Family members often toil over the simplest of decisions as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved in a way which best suits the deceased and their personality.

The respectful and honest staff at Townsville Funerals will act as the link between your wishes and making it happen. Our staff have decades of funeral arrangement experience between them and can help you tailor every aspect of the funeral to perfectly suit your loved one.

We partner with many local businesses to ensure the funeral is as dignified as possible and using our ample on-site facilities, we will act as your anchor in the planning process, easing the burden of having to speak to many different vendors.

At Townsville Funerals, we are all about family, which is why we have done our best to provide a calming and welcoming service to ease the burdens for your family. We are Townsville’s only funeral service to provide a 150+ seated chapel, that coupled with our ample reception area, including children's playroom and a quit room for that peaceful moment of reflection or for breastfeeding with a function room to follow in the very near future.


At Townsville Funerals, we dislike the expensive tag which many in our industry have come to exhibit. We respect that the only thing you should be worrying about at this time is your loved one; not the cost of their funeral. This is one of the reasons why we are 100% transparent with our costs with no surprises. Simply compare our prices to our local competitors, and you will see that we are the affordable choice while also not skimping on quality. 


Pre-planned Funerals

Unfortunately, death is one of life’s unavoidable events. But, with that knowledge comes preparedness. Giving your family the small gift of a Pre-Planned Funeral may ease some of their grief as they know that at least that step is arranged just the way you like it.

Prearranging for your funeral with Townsville Funerals will undoubtedly remove most of your family’s indecision. Our reliable team can help you every step of the way from choosing your casket and flowers, to the design of your booklets and what music to play. 

And, if you need to pay for your funeral via lump-sum payments OR instalments, we have partnered with Sureplan who can handle all of your funding requirements.

Give yourself and your family peace-of-mind by pre-arranging your funeral today.

We pride ourselves on transparency and dignity, which is why we are upfront about costs and ensuring that there are no hidden costs. Why not compare our prices.



Burial information



We respect that a traditional funeral service is sometimes a confronting way to say goodbye to a loved one. In these instances, we recommend that family members have a cremation service. Townsville Funerals’ sister business, Townsville Cremations can handle all your cremation needs including the collection of your deceased,the cremation process and return of the ashes for the service.

A cremation can be quite a cathartic experience as family members can spread the ashes in a place symbolic to the deceased and family. It is becoming the more preferred memorial option as younger generations, preferring the ability to move on after the death rather than memorialise with a grave plot annually.  Also, cremations are often cheaper than a traditional burial service.

People ask WHY, we use Whitsundays Funerals Crematorium Bowen to have "YOUR" loved one Cremated.

At Whitsunday Crematorium they have a new state of the art Cremator, which is designed to heat and cool quickly, when it shuts down, this allows them to sweep out the deceased ashes, this way they guarantee 99.9% of "your loved one's" ashes are returned to you and "ONLY" your loved one's ashes.

The Cremation process at Whitsunday Funerals Crematorium is, we Cremate everything , unless it is metal. We then take of the name plate off the coffin and place name plate in a metal box on the side of the Cremator stating the person being Cremated and place the coffin into the Cremator which normally takes two hours to ensure a complete and thorough burn of everything contained within the coffin.