Having been in the Funeral Industry for many years, our family at Townsville Funerals has been working hard to improve the service we provide to local families throughout Townsville. With our attention to detail and our genuine concern for local families, we remain a keystone member of the community that we serve so well.

Townsville Funerals has become a place of trust and care where local families receive understanding and thoughtful attention during one of life’s most difficult times … the loss of a loved one. We understand your needs and feel your pain, aware of just how difficult it is, with overbearing grief and other emotions clouding the need to attend to your loved one’s personal affairs.

A genuine feeling of … what should I do now? 

At Townsville Funerals, we know exactly what to do and how to help you in this stressful time of your life.

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the added responsibility of organising the funeral can be overwhelming.  At Townsville Funerals along with our sister company Townsville Cremations, we’ve been helping people for many years through this distressing time of need and we’re here to ease your burden every step of the way.

Through the process of planning a funeral together, we can create a meaningful memorial and tribute to your loved one.

We will answer any questions you have, including:

  • Who do I contact?
  • What are my legal responsibilities?
  • What immediately needs to be done?
  • How do I arrange a funeral service?

You may, however, have additional questions of your own, if so please call Townsville Funerals on 4721 0011 or 0427 626 127

When meeting with us at Townsville Funerals, discuss any ideas you may have for the service.  By adding personal touches, you can create a very special service for the one you cherished, reflecting the unique, exclusive, and exceptional qualities of your loved one.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Place some of your loved one’s favourite items on the coffin
  • Create a picture board with a montage of memorable photos to be displayed
  • Choose a particular song or piece of music that may be special to you or your loved one.
  • A floral tribute on the coffin may contain flowers that were their favourites or come from their own garden.
  • Make the order of service cards with photos, quotes and poems available at the funeral service.  We can help with these.   
  • During the service, project an audiovisual (Memories of a Life USB), images of the person’s life (again, we can help with this).
  • R.S.L., Lions, Rotary, Masonic Lodge or other clubs or associations could be asked to participate at the service if your loved one was a member.


One of the hardest decisions’ families have to make if your loved one has not left their specific instructions, is whether to have a burial or a cremation, a Chapel or a Church.  Do you want religion to be part of the service or not at all?  Sometimes your own beliefs and feelings can help make this decision easier.  

At Townsville Funerals, we offer ALL types of services, whether you want to have a full service in a church, a private service in a chapel or a cremation and then a private memorial service in your own backyard.  Nothing is right or wrong, it is your decision.  

Either way, Townsville Funerals will gladly discuss all these options with you and organise everything for you, from the Minister, the flowers, the newspaper notices and any other arrangements that need to be made.

We have a wide range of coffins ranging from MDF to full timber caskets and will always help you tailor your needs and wishes together with your budget.  Our friendly staff will come to you if you wish, our aim is to make this an occasion that is friendly and affordable without adding stress to an already difficult time.