Funerals can be conducted at many venues and so it is important to consider the number of people who may attend.

You may wish to have …

  • A traditional service held in a church or another venue, with a private or public cortege moving to where the cremation or committal service is to take place.
  • The funeral service and committal service in a church, or another place with no funeral cortege present.  The Funeral Director will remove the coffin usually during the last song or hymn.
  • Having the funeral service and committal service together at a church.
  • A memorial or a thanksgiving service where there is no coffin present.  The type of service you choose may be either public or private.
  • A graveside service, where the entire service is held at the cemetery.
  • Or an NS/NA (No service, no attendance) funeral.  This is exactly as it sounds.  The funeral director will collect the deceased and take care of the cremation and all necessary paperwork without anyone being present and then return the ashes to the family at a later date.


Who Will Officiate at the Funeral?

Remember there is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral, just do what feels right for you and honours the memory of your loved one.

Anyone can officiate at the funeral service, it’s your choice, a Minister of Religion, Civil Celebrant, friend, member or members of your family or if you wish the Funeral Director.  At Townsville Funerals, we have our own fully certified Celebrant.

You may like to have your local Minister or Priest lead the service, particularly if you or your loved one has been acquainted with their church and congregation personally.  You may not have been to church for many years but would still appreciate a clergy person to officiate, or you may prefer a civil celebrant to lead the service. Whatever your decision, we can arrange this for you.

This will ensure that your own personal needs and wants are included in the ceremony.


Information Required by Law

In Queensland, it is compulsory that the death of a person is registered with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages within 14 days of the burial or cremation taking place.  The information needed for this purpose is supplied by the following.

  • The attending Doctor who completes the Cause of Death Certificate (Form 9) or the Coronial Release from the Coroners if applicable.
  • Family members or a delegate who will provide personal details.
  • Townsville Funerals who provide Burial or Cremation particulars

We will assist you with completing the form requiring the personal information and then lodge it with Births, Deaths and Marriages after the burial or cremation has taken place.  By completing the information section found in the centre of this booklet, you can help with the relevant details for the Death Certificate. 

The original certificate is returned to Townsville Funerals within 2-3 weeks at which time we will keep a copy in our file for you and then return the original to you as soon as practicable.


Available Entitlements

Centrelink - The Centrelink bereavement payment is to assist with settling financial affairs associated with expenses incurred by the deceased prior to death.  This may include the extension of existing payments and/or a sum paid to a surviving partner, Carer or parents of a young child, assisting with the changed financial circumstances caused by the death of a person who was a pensioner, long term allowed, child or carer recipient.


Department of Veterans’ Affairs

If the deceased was an ex-service person, it will be necessary to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs and ask about eligibility to claim Veterans funeral benefits. If entitled, an application form will be sent to you for completion, and once returned, payment can be made into the deceased veteran’s estate


Your Funeral Director

The funeral is a time for you, and your family and friends, to say goodbye in a way which best suits that person’s and your own personality.  Townsville Funerals is the link between your wishes and making it happen.  We can be called on 24 hours a day, and we will treat your requests with the utmost dignity and respect.  As a Queensland family owned funeral home, Townsville Funerals will offer you and your family all available options in a pleasant manner.  We are professional people providing a service to fulfil the wishes requested by you or your family.

At Townsville Funerals, we operate under strict guidelines and a code of conduct.

We constantly upgrade our facilities and train our staff to a high quality and professional standard.   

It is always wise to be prepared as it is possible that complications can arise If you are not.  So, pre-arranging with Townsville Funerals is a wise decision.